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Based at its headquarters in Amsterdam, the permanent team of Manifesta provides the backbone to our multi-faceted organization. While our core business is the governance and production of roving biennials, the day-to-day activities of Manifesta include overseeing the publication of catalogues, books and the tri-annual Manifesta Journal, maintaining our ever-growing archives and staging symposiums, international cultural events and our own Coffee Breaks.

The Manifesta team structure is based on a policy of sustainability, a sense of invention and an ongoing spirit of enthusiastic collaboration. Manifesta presents a dynamic synergy of local expertise with international and Dutch experience and pragmatism. With each subsequent edition of Manifesta, the curators conceptualize a new project – and they become our artistic partners.

Given the complex organization of such a large-scale enterprise, taking place in a different European host city or region every two years, the permanent team of Manifesta is a broad-ranging, flexible group of international experts who constantly focus on relaunching, elaborating and fine-tuning the biennial and all aligned Manifesta events. The survival and growth of Manifesta’s organizational model is due to its openness of policy, its facility for adaptation, its key desire for the of transfer knowledge, and its continuous stream of activity, of which the exhibitions play an essential role.

The Manifesta Foundation Board

The Board is composed of senior professionals from the academic world, businesses and the international art world, and is modified on a changing basis (minimum of three years, maximum of six years). The Board of the Manifesta Foundation prides itself on following the Code Cultural Governance as formulated by the Dutch Ministry of Culture to ensure appropriate and transparent governance. Every two years a new Coordinator of the next Manifesta Host City and one of the former curators of the last Manifesta editions are invited to join the Board. Its current membership is as follows:

Gijs van Tuyl (Chair)
Former Director of Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg and former Director of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Paul Domela (Treasurer)
Programme Director and Higher Education Liaison Liverpool Biennial

Veronika Ratzenboeck (Member)
Director of Österreichische Kulturdokumentation – internationales Archiv für Kulturanalyse

Hendrik Driessen (Member)
Director of De Pont Museum in Tilburg

Former Board Members

Viktor Misiano, IFM Chair (2010-2014)
Pieter van Welzen, IFM board member (2013-2014)
Esther Regueira, IFM board member (2011-2014)
Andreas Hapkemeyer, Secretary General and IFM board member (2006-2013)
Jan Boelen,  IFM board member (2010-2013)
Allard Huizing,  IFM board member (2007-2013)
Raqs Media Collective (Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula and Shuddabratha Sengupta), IFM board members (2009-2013)
Charles Esche, board member IFM (2008-2011)
Sirje Helme, board member IFM (2007-2011)
Fabio Cavallucci, board member IFM (2006-2011)
Sarat Maharaj, board member IFM (2007-2010)
Gilane Tawadros, chair and board member IFM (2002-2009)
Miguel Angel Hernandez Navarro, board member IFM (2009)
Massimiliano Gioni, board member IFM (2004-2009)
Daniel Birnbaum, board member IFM (2002-2009)
Iara Boubnova, board member IFM (2002-2009)
Henry Meyric Hughes, chairman and board member IFM (1999-2007)
Martin Fritz, treasurer and board member IFM (2002-2007)
Vicente Todoli, board member IFM (2002-2007)
Francesco Bonami, board member IFM (2002-2007)
Maaretta Jaukkuri, board member IFM (2002-2007)
Lourdes Fernandez, board member IFM (2002-2006)
Igor Zabel (1999-2005)
Vasif Kortun, board member IFM (1999-2002)
Kasper König, board member IFM (1994-2002)
Barbara Vanderlinden, board member IFM (1997-2002)
Hans-Ulrich Obrist, board member IFM (1994-2002)
Chris Dercon, board member National Committee, later board member IFM (1994-2002)
Enrico Lunghi, board member IFM (1996-2000)
Lilijana Stepancic, advisory board Manifesta 1 and board member IFM (1993-2000)
Joop van Caldenborgh, chairman National Committee Manifesta 1 (1993-1997)
Geert Dales, treasurer National Committee Manifesta 1 (1993-1997)
Marlene Dumas, board National Committee (1993-1997)
Anda Rottenberg, advisory board member Manifesta 1 (1993-1997)
René Block, advisory board member Manifesta 1 (1993-1997)
Svenrobert Lundquist, advisory board member Manifesta 1 (1993-1997)
Robert de Haas, chairman National Committee (1993-1994)
Martijn Sanders, board National Committee
Rob Scholte, board National Committee
Wim van Krimpen, board National Committee
Vincent Vlasblom, board National Committee
Herman Wessels, board National Committee


Gijs van Tuyl, Former Director Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Jolie van Leeuwen, art historian, Amsterdam
Rosa Martinez, director 51th Venice Biennial
Viktor Misiano, writer and curator, Moscow
Andrew Renton, Director Goldsmith College, London
Katalin Néray, director Ludwig Museum, Budapest
Maria Lind, director Iaspis, Stockholm
Robert Fleck, Director Deichtor halle, Hamburg
Jo Kox, financial director Casino Luxembourg
Erna Hennicot Schoepgess, Minister of Culture Luxembourg
Ole Bouman, director Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam
Mária Hlavajová, director BAK Utrecht
Kathrin Rhomberg, director Kolnischer Kunstverein, Cologne
Andreja Rihter, former Minister of Culture Slovenia
Mitja Rotovnik, Director Cankarjev Dom, Slovenia
Stéphanie Moisdon – Trembley, curator and director BDV, Paris
Nuria Enquita Mayo, curator at Fondazione Tapies, Barcelona
Dieter Buroch, Director of Mousonturm, Frankfurt
Marta Kuzma, Director OCA, Oslo
Jose Maria Ayerza, Director CICC, San Sebastian