Educational Turn

Manifesta collaborators Yoeri Meessen and Thea Unteregger contributed to a new publication on Art Mediation published by Schnittpunkt Vienna:

Educational Turn
Agency in Gallery Education

Schnittpunkt,  Beatrice Jaschk. e, Nora Sternfeld, in collaboration with Institute for Art Education, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

Under the auspices of a so called ‘educational turn’ the art world at large has in recent years begun to show an increasing interest in the crossroads between art and education. However, internationally an advanced group of critical Art Mediators re-defining art education as a new form of emancipatory practice has been developing for far longer already. They work in interstices, produce publicness and negotiate between forms of knowledge production. They see museums and exhibitions as sites where current debates are held, performative positions are taken and unexpected encounters can take place. This anthology presents contributions on both the educational turn as well as on critical art education. The contributions focus on possible strategies and focus areas of an engaged practice in the field of exhibition making, in between institution and critique, power relations and potentialities.

With contributions by:

Büro trafo.K, Olivier Desvoignes, Claudia Ehgartner, Christian Gangl, Janna Graham,
Marianne Guarino-Huet, Andreja Hribernik, Andrea Hubin, Claudia Hummel, Beatrice
Jaschke, Ivan Jurica, Yoeri Meessen, Katharina Morawek, Carmen Mörsch, Sandra
Ortmann, Rena Rädle, Irit Rogoff, Karin Schneider, Nora Sternfeld, Thea Unteregger,
Adela Železnik.

The book is published in German and can be ordered through:
Turia & Kant

The book launch will take place on Thursday, 22 Nov. at 7:30pm at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna More info via: Schnittpunkt