Call for Research

We kindly invite you to submit your essay, thesis or dissertation on Manifesta and/or Art Biennials to our archive. 

In preparation for our second decade jubilee; 20 years of Manifesta we are actively looking for research on, about and in relation to Manifesta. The past 10 years has been a period of intense development for Manifesta. Since Manifesta is the only roving biennial, changing its location every two years and not focusing on the concept of the art biennial as a representative, formatted event, Manifesta constantly needs to re-examine its original mandate. It responds to the changing dimensions of the artistic, social-cultural and political framework in which it operates. A crucial part of the discourse of Manifesta is how, where and when Manifesta has succeeded or failed. What has worked and what has not? Manifesta seeks to identify those inter-cultural collaborations and social changes it has truly initiated on local, regional and international levels, plotting its role as an alternative, roving enterprise to study the DNA of Europe in its entirety.

As such we are looking for contributions to our archive which reflect these questions. Whether it be from an artistic sociological perspective, a business study or from an historical point of view. If you have written an essay, thesis or disertation with Manifesta as the main subject, or in which Manifesta constitutes a significant part of your research, we kindly invite you to submit your work to the Manifesta Archive. Peer-reviewed and/or published works – in any language – are particularly welcome.

Please submit your papers digitally to:

or to:
Manifesta Foundation
Prinsengracht 175 hs
1015 DS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Further information:
Yoeri Meessen – Head of Education

Img: Erick Beltrán, Modelos para construir objetos, Manifesta 8, 2010