Hu Fang is MJ blog resident

Latest Manifesta Journal Blog residency – Memos for Future Shanshui by Hu Fang

Hu Fang is a fiction writer and curator based in Guangzhou and Beijing.

He is the co-founder and artistic director of Vitamin Creative Space ( in Guangzhou and The Pavilion in Beijing. His published novels include Garden of Mirrored Flowers, New Arcade, Shopping Utopia ect.

This is a short memo for future “Shanshui” (Mountain & Water) , within the constant destruction and rebuilding of humanbeing’s environment, where history layering upon itself, eventually so vague it could never again grow clear.
“Who, like water, can become calm after turbulence? And after that calm produce new life? “[Lao Tse: Chapter 15]

Every two months, a curator or writer is invited to share his or her in-progress research in the form of a blog: reflections on, assessments of, and reactions to a specific subject. The o

nline residency is an extension of how the editorial team wishes to reflect upon current practices of reading, researching, publishing and curating that have been enabled by the internet and its social technologies, all the while exploring new formats and advocating the open circulation of knowledge.

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