Christian Jankowski’s “What Do You Do for Money- some Joint Ventures”



This is the key question at the core of the upcoming eleventh edition of Manifesta, the European biennial which opens this summer on the 11 of June till the 18 th of September 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland. This key issue is being addressed by all Manifesta 11 participating artists creating new commissions with 30 professions from Zurich. Manifesta 11 is composed of 4 parts: the 30 30 new commissions both in the satellites as well as in Löwenbräukunst and Helmhaus, which are the result of encounters between artists and their ‘hosts‘ (people from different professional fields); The Historical Exhibition: Sites Under Construction, exhibitions who labour has been represented in modern art; the Pavillon of Reflections, a cinema and a swimming pool on a floating platform on the Zuricher lake, where art detectives analyse the artists and professional relation in a filmic form; and Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire, a stage for Joint-Venture Performances and home of the newly founded artists‘ guild.

Our team is working on finale preparations for the M11 Preview days on 9, 10 and 11 of June 2016. The biennial will be open for press and professionals on this Thursday 9 June with the Manifesta 11 Official Press Conference from 11.00 to 12.00. The complete Opening Programme for Manifesta 11 is available here.

During the Opening days our Manifesta office in Amsterdam will be closed until Monday 13 June. For questions regarding Manifesta 11 please visit or call our Zurich office +41 (0)43 321 30 37. For questions regarding Manifesta Amsterdam or our current in-house exhibition please email secretariat (@)