Colón: ¿Culo o Conquista? by Dick Verdult / Dick El Demasiado

The One Minutes Series of June is curated by Dick Verdult / Dick El Demasiado and is called Colón: ¿Culo o Conquista?


screening verdult


By way of The One Minutes, Dick Verdult had a message sent to anthropologists, artists and his Latin American followers, inviting them to make short films in the theme of Colón: ¿Culo o Conquista? Colón is the Spanish name for Columbus; the title can be interpreted as Colon: ass or conquest?

Nearly sixty films on original communities, neighbourhoods on the outskirts etc. etc. were submitted to him, mostly from Latin America. Twenty-seven of these will be on view at museums and cultural spaces around the world subscribed to The One Minutes Series during the month of June.

The series premieres at our headquarters at the Herengracht 474 on 13 June 2016 at 6.30pm. Due to limited capacity, don’t forget to reserve your ticket.

Participating artists:

Willi Amato and Anthony Fletcher

Diego Seoane

Luis Gárciga and Javier Castro Rivera

Ernesto Baca

Agustín Cabrera

Pedro Torres Verdugo

Germán Rocha

Salvador Cresta

Fernando Llanos

Koštana Banović

Azucena Losana

Patricia Werneck Ribas

Salvador Cresta

Dick Verdult

Jimena Garrido and Lorena Stricker and María Delia Puebla

Azucena Losana

Eduardo Matsuzaki

Wilfred Junior Jansen

Francisco Javier Hernandez (aka) Brujo De La Mancha

Chantal Breukers

Rómulo Franco Ruiz-Bravo

Alejandro Gallo

Antonio Nieto

Jenny Granado

Constanza Torres

Fabian de Randamie

Koštana Banović

Dick Verdult’s (Eindhoven 1954) work encompasses film, performance, graphics, drawing, sculptures and ceramics, radio shows, text and music. Verdult has produced independent films, in addition to founding several art groups, including the IBW (Instituut voor Betaalbare Waanzin / Institute for Affordable Lunacy) and Festicumex – a festival for a non-existent music genre.

As a visual artist and musician in the experimental Cumbia Lunaticas and Experimentales music he has acquired a cult status, well known by the name of Dick El Demasiado, especially in South America, Russia and Japan.

Every month, The One Minutes Foundation puts out a new series of 60-second films that investigate how we perceive and engage with moving image.

Upcoming series are: July: The Sandberg Series 2016