Director Hedwig Fijen Interviewed by Kunstforum International


fijen-hedwig-by-livio-baumgartner_1-1                                                                                                                     Hedwig Fijen by Livio Baumgartner

Kunstforum International (Bd. 241, August 2016), taking as its broader theme the current phenomenon of the artist as curator during the major European biennials of Berlin and Manifesta, interviewed Hedwig Fijen. As the Founding Director of Manifesta Fijen touches upon, amongst other things, on the current themes of the 11th edition of the biennial in Zürich, the structure of the M11 curatorial team and the exhibited artists, and the Swiss “Widersprüche”. The article also sheds light on Fijen’s strategy in selecting the European cities for the upcoming biennials, the city of Palermo, which will be the next Manifesta 12 hosting city, as well as her perspective on Europe’s history and its connection to the history of Manifesta itself.

Interested? Read the interview (in German) via the following link:

Interview Hedwig Fijen by Kunstforum International (Band 241, August 2016)

Besides this interview Kunstforum also provides its readers with an extensive “Rundgang” in the Manifesta 11 biennial in Zürich, Switzerlan, as well as an interview with curator Christian Jankowski, and essays that discuss themes from the M11 biennial.