Kick-off Manifesta 12 Palermo


The Manifesta 12 kick-off week started with the first research session of OMA in Palermo as to explore the different stratifications of Palermo’s most diverse neighborhoods and get a closer look on the social, historical and economical context of this city. The research was held by local specialists such as a social worker, student, architect and immigrants, which through their specially composed itineraries gave OMA a precise view how to understand the complexity of Palermo in all its aspects. The kick-off meeting set the premises of OMA’s urban studies on Palermo and later on, the concept of Manifesta 12 biennial program.

The choice of Rotterdam based OMA as a Creative Mediator researching the urban context in which a Manifesta Biennial is taking place, is based on the fact that the creative processes in complex cities like Palermo should always start with investigating the spatial domain in relation to certain political and governance models, forcing us to think harder about how to create a more sustainable legacy for each Manifesta Host City.