Manifesta hosts the working group “Biennials & Guest Work” as part of Humans of the Institution

As part of a 3-day gathering “Humans of Institution”, Manifesta Foundation hosted the working group “Biennials & Guest Work” at its Amsterdam headquarter on 27 of November 2017. The working group was convened by curator Natasha Ginwala, with Marieke van Hal (Head of Research at Manifesta Foundation) and curator Sabina Sabolović. The following questions were raised during the discussion:

“The biennale is the form that is perhaps most identified with the rise of the ‘freelance curator’ as a figure in its own right within the field of contemporary art during the globalised era. It signals an inherently international field of practice, as well as a synthetic or critical and narrative-building practice. What are the ‘professional standards’ of such a figure, however, working across vastly different contexts? And how are obligations to be weighed; to ones own material and ethical needs, to the artists invited, to the inviting organisation, to the inviting organisation’s board, and/or their sponsors, to the local artist community of the inviting organisation etc.?

The outcomes of the working group will be published at a later stage on L’Internationale.

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