Permanent Staff

Hedwig Fijen

Hedwig is the Founding Director of Manifesta. Under Hedwig’s direction, Manifesta has developed into one of the three most important large-scale art events in Europe. Hedwig is in charge of all aspects of the Manifesta organisation including the selection of host cities for the biennial, thematic content and the curatorial selection. The final execution of the concept of the curators is her responsibility.

Paul Domela
Head of Business
pauldomela (at)

Paul Domela is the Business Manager of Manifesta. He is responsible for overseeing the following areas: legal & governance, finances, hospitality, office management, IT, and human resources.

Yana Klichuk
Head of Education and Learning
yanaklichuk (at)

Yana is Head of Education for Manifesta. She is in charge of the development of all educational strategies for the Biennial. Yana is an expert in education programmes for visual arts.

Tatiana Tarragó
Head of Production
tatianatarrago (at)

Tatiana is Head of Production and manages the coordination, design, and production of the Biennial. She specialises in the coordination of large-scale international events.

Emilia van Lynden
Head of Communication, Marketing and Publications
emiliavanlynden (at)

Emilia is Head of Communication, Marketing and Publications for Manifesta. She oversees the overall communication and marketing activities of Manifesta, covering brand strategy, PR and press, design and brand identity, digital/social, events, marketing, media partnerships, as well as all of the publications created by Manifesta.

Marieke van Hal
Head of Research and Development
mariekevanhal (at)

Marieke van Hal is the Head of Research and Development. She is in charge of a multi-annual research and development strategy for Manifesta Foundation spanning multiple Manifesta biennials. She is in charge of building long-term sustainable relationships with funders including private giving, corporate sponsorships and other partnerships.

Max Bouwhuis
Project Coordinator & Research Assistant
maxbouwhuis (at)

Max provides curatorial and organisational support for pre-biennial activities that Manifesta initiates in host cities, as well as diverse (research) projects in both the Manifesta headquarters in Amsterdam and the Manifesta Host Cities.

Jeroen de Smalen
Office Manager
jeroendesmalen (at)

Jeroen provides the office support and business assistance in the organisation, taking care of the planning and agenda, internal communications and coordination, administration and hospitality. He is also responsible for the execution of the in-house exhibitions.