Candidacy & Selection

Host City selection

Any European city, region, island or multiple-city candidate can apply to host Manifesta.

Manifesta emphasises the importance of embedding the biennial within the local context to ensure the project strengthens the cultural infrastructure and ecology of the city and leaves a sustainable legacy. To enter the official selection procedure, the prospective host formulates a so-called ‘Bid’. The bidding process is meant to give opportunity for extensive dialogue and knowledge exchange between Manifesta and the candidate to produce an exciting and feasible biennial for stakeholders and visitors.

The successful candidate to host Manifesta is selected by the board of Manifesta Foundation and its Director based on an evaluation of social, political and geographical aspects, financial considerations, infrastructure, institutional stability, local expertise and, of course, the general artistic and intellectual context.

The Bid procedure for Manifesta 14 in 2022 can be found here.

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