Manifesta purposely strives to keep its distance from what are often seen as the dominant centres of artistic production, instead seeking fresh and fertile terrain for the mapping of a new cultural topography.

Guido van der Werve, NL

Video and time lapse photography to video, exhibited at Manifattura Tabacchi in Rovereto

Nummer acht, Everything is going to be alright depicted by the Dutch artist Guido van der Werve walking on a floating ice flake, 15 meters in front of an icebreaker in the Finnish Gulf of Bothnia. His figure, contrasted with the hugeness of the ship, was diminutive. Nummer negen, The day I didn’t turn with the world created a similar metaphor of the existential condition. The artist travelled to the geographic North Pole and stood on the axis of the world for 24 hours, turning clockwise while the earth under him turned anti-clockwise. In this countermovement, the artist and the world were desynchronized for one day. The video provokes one to explore one’s own existence in relation to the world.