Dan Perjovschi (Rumania), 1998
Honoré d´O (Belgium), 1998
Carsten Höller (Germany), 1998
Felix Gonzales-Torres (USA), 1998

Manifesta 2

28 June – 11 October 1998

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Manifesta 2 was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg and included mostly site-specific work. For the first time,  Manifesta included a series of international discussions and debates and launched a cumulative ‘Info lab’ (the basis of Manifesta’s present  growing archive), with up-to-date printed and audiovisual material about current artistic tendencies in 30 different European countries. Another  innovative feature of Manifesta 2, which has been further developed for Manifesta 3 and 4, was the involvement of 30 young people from all over  Europe in a training programme specially devised for Manifesta 2 with organisational and educational purposes. More than 43 European  countries participated financially and organisationally in Manifesta 2, contributing, for example, to the curators’ and artists’ travel costs and  other expenses related to transport and additional activities. The exhibition catalogue contained information about the infrastructure for  contemporary visual art in approximately 30 European countries.


Robert Fleck (Paris/Vienna), Maria Lind (Stockholm), Barbara Vanderlinden (Brussels)


Eija-Liisa Ahtila (Finland) • Kutlug Ataman (Turkey) • Orla Barry (Great Britain) • Emese Benczúr  (Hungary) • Christine Borland (Scotland) • Eriks Bozis (Latvia) • Maurizio Cattelan (Italy) • Alicia Framis  (Netherlands) • Dora Garcia (Netherlands / Belgium) • Dr. Galentin Gatev (Bulgaria) • Dominique Gonzales-Foerster (France) • Felix Gonzales-Torres (USA) • Carsten Höller (Germany) • Pierre Huyghe (France) • Sanja Ivekovic  (Croatia) • Inessa Josing  (Estonia) • Kristof Kintera (Czech Republic) • Elke Krystufek (Austria) • Peter Land (Denmark) • Maria Lindberg (Sweden) • Michel Majerus (Germany) • Bjarne Melgaard (Norway / Australia) • Deimantas Narkevicius (Lithuania) • Fanni Niemi-Junkola (Finland) • Honoré ’O (Belgium) • Boris Ondreicka (Slovakia) • Tanja Ostojic (Jugoslavia) • Marko Peljhan  (Slovenia) • Dan Perjovschi (Rumania) • Franz Pomassl (Austria) • Antoine Prum  (Luxembourg) • Tobias Rehberger (Germany) • Jeroen de Rijke / Willem de Rooij (Netherlands) • Bojan Sarcevic (France) • Eran Schaerf  (Germany / Belgium) • Tilo Schulz (Germany) • Nebojsa Soba Seric (Bosnia) • Ann-Sofi Sidén (USA / Sweden) • Andreas Slominski (Germany) • Sean Snyder (Germany) • Apolonija Sustersic (Slovenia / Netherlands) • Sarah Sze (USA) • Bert Theis (Italy) • Piotr Uklánski  • Gitte Villesen  (Denmark) • Richard Wright (Scotland)

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