Manifesta purposely strives to keep its distance from what are often seen as the dominant centres of artistic production, instead seeking fresh and fertile terrain for the mapping of a new cultural topography.

Manifesta 13 Marseille was one of the only international biennials to take place during the global pandemic COVID-19, the biennial ended earlier than planned due to the second national lockdown

Calla Henkel, Max Pitegoff, US

Paradise is the fictional bar that serves as the setting for Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff’s ongoing tv series, shot at their own bar, TV, in Berlin. Cast with a mix of bar regulars and employees, actors and neighbours, and set in 2023, Paradise is part documentary, part tv show. The show imagines a near future where a dystopian political landscape is offset by the possibility of hope and collective action. Paradise’s central characters are employed both as bartenders and newscasters by an ominously absent boss who seeks to transform the bar into a human-centred local news channel. Each of the employees reads prepared speeches to customers from teleprompters as the boss films their every move. Over the course of the show, the workers try to take control of their own narrative, ultimately penning their own scripts and transforming the bar into a worker-owned cooperative – but at what cost?