Manifesta purposely strives to keep its distance from what are often seen as the dominant centres of artistic production, instead seeking fresh and fertile terrain for the mapping of a new cultural topography.

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Mapping Subculture Movements

Education: publication

To understand Prishtina’s pre-existing cultural ecosystem, especially outside of that which is supported and endorsed by institutions, Manifesta 14’s Education and Mediation Department in collaboration with the community centre Termokiss, initiated a research project which attempted to map and trace histories of self-organised cultural initiatives in Kosovo’s capital and two other key cities linked to it, Tirana in Albania and Skopje in North Macedonia.

The research project did not seek to create an exhaustive overview of the independent cultural scene of the respective cities but rather to inspire younger people to look back to the histories, practices and processes of contemporary culture and community organisation.

Mapping Subculture Movements in Prishtina, Tirana and Skopje consist of three separate publications that highlight the research done in each city, delving into subcultural movements to help understand why they happened, how they thrived, how they communicated with each other, what their legacy is today and, perhaps most importantly, their healing effects during a period of political transition and isolation.